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​Mobile Digital Recording

Insurance claims and vehicle accidents are common issues for transport managers to resolve, but in today’s increasingly litigious society there are new, more costly problems to deal with…

Why fit a mobile recorder?

By capturing footage from vehicle mounted cameras, digital recording offers the solution. It provides an accurate witness, giving irrefutable evidence in the case of false claims, crash for cash incidents or vandalism. Refuting these claims means companies can make major cost savings, whilst importantly supporting their drivers, who are often the subject of increased scrutiny. 

Combined with the benefits of the camera monitor system, which helps eliminate driver blind spots and prevent costly vehicle damage, the rewards are even more far reaching.

Brigade's new Mobile Digital Recorder (MDR) range includes four-channel recorders with 500GB hard drives and eight-channel, 1TB models, each allowing up to 1164 hours of recording time. Both four and eight-channel recorders include models with WiFi and/or 3G connectivity capabilities, allowing data to be accessed from the recorder without physically having to go to the vehicle

Protecting your driver. Providing your witness.

The benefits

  • Prevent false insurance claims such as 'crash for cash' scams.

  • Protection for drivers who may be wrongly accused.

  • Provides irrefutable evidence in the case of accidents and legal proceedings.

  • Useful in reducing shrinkage and catching perpetrators.

  • Encourages driver best practice, so less vehicle damage and accidents.

  • Enables more effective driver training.

  • Vandalism deterrent.

  • All the above helps to lower insurance premiums.

  • Peace of mind for passengers and drivers.

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